Friday, December 11, 2009

-ending 2009-

now is end of the year 2009...i m laying on my sweet bed, so much things get on my mind! all about the life of 2009 journey- my utem sch life, new 2nd niece, new home, new intership period, new friez, and etc. But what the most damn shit is i am almost 4get my 2009 targets which i had been set at last end year...

the time really is killing me, i must reset my new target at coming soon1 new year....2010!

target no1: i wana have my own SLR camera.

target no2: i wana saving 5K nett for my graduation travelling.

target no3: i wana lost my weight become <65kg>

"nothing is impossible, just keep believe ownself until ur last breath" i suddenly remind this sentence after watch the movie of "jump"!!
that words have burn my heart 4 fighting again...i just wana be better than yesterday!!
hope i can do it better and ever....

Happy christmas & happy new year 4 all my dear friez...

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  1. heya...hahha..i never knew u blogged too...hehe....