Friday, December 11, 2009

-ending 2009-

now is end of the year 2009...i m laying on my sweet bed, so much things get on my mind! all about the life of 2009 journey- my utem sch life, new 2nd niece, new home, new intership period, new friez, and etc. But what the most damn shit is i am almost 4get my 2009 targets which i had been set at last end year...

the time really is killing me, i must reset my new target at coming soon1 new year....2010!

target no1: i wana have my own SLR camera.

target no2: i wana saving 5K nett for my graduation travelling.

target no3: i wana lost my weight become <65kg>

"nothing is impossible, just keep believe ownself until ur last breath" i suddenly remind this sentence after watch the movie of "jump"!!
that words have burn my heart 4 fighting again...i just wana be better than yesterday!!
hope i can do it better and ever....

Happy christmas & happy new year 4 all my dear friez...

Friday, December 4, 2009


i am so happy 4 seeing u again after few year lost contact!! that is feel so great 4 me & i am cherish the friendship between me & ur family.

cayson + yin + me
drink at 'Dream' again b4 i am back 2 malaca intership program.

i ll always be with u until become grandma or grand pa lo...hehe!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

---------------- Merry Christmas 2009---------------

starting the christmas mood d...

me hang around at orchard road after having the dinner at jurong west /541

Sis-in-law + Sister + xuan xuan

ION Orchard Road nite nice la!! just look like tokyo city...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


this is i promised u...i have help u go PG milk temple "pai pai" d!!
poh pi poh pi 1+ steady facing the examination war & good luck 4 u!!!

at maxstyle meet my friez "Alan", his is the chairman of the jusco shop & cut 4 my silly hair an a hours lo...but i only pay him RM24!! really feel so worthiness...hehe!!!

going maintenance my car b4 i am going JB this weekend 22nov09...
family travelling again!! feel so great...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

chen jia

my 2nd sis just born the daughter...feel so happy be the real mama lo!!
lets the grandma feeds u drink the milk la...
faster growing up oh!!

chen jia so cute!! big eyes, double 嘴窝

what about the first breath by ownseld?? few great ist?

welcome 2 the beautiful world, 10s god sending u be a part my family!!
uncle Wesley loved u oh...muacks!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[] 2009 Happy Moon Festival at Utem []

-Outdoor Games- 12345

I be the programmer of this event again, this time i need handles over 10games! my group have created the fun & nice game 4 the moon fest guests.

Good job 4 my group team member & 10s 4 u all...

=Indoor GAmes= 678910

p/s : I am damn tired after the whole day preparation, lucky we have proved that chinese gang in utem can proceed the event even the sch of HEPA is giving us "Zero budget"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Break...

Jennice = my shui shui classmate

zero xiang = my ghost buddy

arting silly face in our classroom!!!

10s for ada [malay classmate] treat us eat kuih raya.

The week after my raya break!!
after my raya break, have many tasks i gotta settle in this week!
my tasks as below ;
- total 4 meeting in a week
- 2persentation
- 2tutorial 2assigment & 1 report
- duty at utem convo as chinese programmer
- i need follow up the utem convo & moon fest even messy things!!
the time realy is killing me coz i every9 work hard until 3 or 4am & go class at 9am////
after the both events, i ll just focus in the study d....coz the final exam is just around the corner!
p/s ; finally i have done all my tasks in time!!! yeah..